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Sporting Connect is pleased to have joined forces with Sports Recruiting USA, providing the opportunity of American College Soccer Scholarships to our members.

One of Sporting Connects many aims are to raise awareness and create opportunities within the football community. We are aware that many talented footballers are unfamiliar with the unique experience that a Soccer Scholarships to an American University offer.

A Soccer Scholarship provides the following:
• 4 years of academy style football development, 30 hours of coaching plus 2 games a week (approx).
• Additional weekly football strength and conditioning sessions with a personal trainer.
• Big stadiums, fanatical crowds and Live TV coverage.
• Opportunity to get spotted by MLS Scouts.
• Earn a University Degree at the same time; improve your employment opportunities and earning potential.
• A scholarship could cover the majority of costs of going to university for expenses such as your tuition, accommodation and food.

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A soccer scholarship is available to men and women aged between 16 and 23. If you can tick any of the following boxes you could qualify for a place on Sports Recruiting USA soccer scholarship program.

  Current professional academy player or
  Former professional academy player/ trialist or
  County, regional or representative team or
  Other high level U18s, reserves or first team football

To find out if you are eligible for the opportunity to go to the states on a soccer scholarship, please complete the below application form so we can assess if you have got the right academic and playing abilities. If we believe so, we will invite you to an assessment day throughout the country.

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